To all saying that Skins shouldn't be in

Let’s then remove armor customization and emblems.

I mean, they are all a waste of time and space because they don’t affect gameplay, don’t they?.

Seriously, and don’t come with something like “they are distracting” as plasma weapons and their shoots look like made of candy.


You do realize that in Halo 2 your emblem was used above your head instead of a service tag? So it was a way to show who you were to your teammates? There was no armor customization except for changing colors. I wish they went back to this personally.

I think people here skins for weapons and suddenly worry that it’s a step towards being more CoD like.

Personally I don’t mind skins, they could be pretty cool as long as they are discreet skins. I don’t want to see people running around with a bright pink AR with bubbles on it.
(But I know that’s unlikely to be the case)

It’s silly? Like armour effects…

I like having weapon skins, as long as its realistic and not some silly pink or bright yellow - or a gold gun lol

Did anyone else get the impression that the bonus AR skin would have been like the Golden Lancer from the Gears of War 2?

As in it’s another assault rifle you have to select, rather than going into the AR itself and selecting a skin for it?

No, it is not distracting. /walks away and does something better

So, you are fine with them as long as a BR doesn’t look as fancy as a carbine?

I can understand that…but i still think it won’t be distracting(As i Play GOW3 and the skins are not distracting…to me at least)

Unless you mean that they actually shine, then, i agree, those should not be here.

So long as they aren’t GOW3 skins. It breaks the mood entirely, and after 343 talked about having “Infinity” being backed by fiction, it would make absolutely no sense for a Spartan IV to have a rainbow BR. As long as they make sense, Im chill with it.

As long as it’s not like Gears 3, where you get like 5 skins, or you can buy the rest for as much as you paid for the game! >.<

I’m more worried about how weapon skins opens the doors for thousands of microtransaction and rip offs in the form of DLC.