YOU guys come to my clan and try to recruit my members. This is not right I do not come into your clan and recruit YOUR members PLEASE donot do this. I try to be nice BUT your guys were rude and LIE to me about recruiting. I have been fair and try to dissolve this problem, BUT you guys leave me no choice but to be a JERK!!! IF YOU guys do not stop then the battles will GO!!! I will challange any clan member who has a problem with this directly 1on1. I’ am a nice and fair guy but it seems to be a problem. PLEASE hit me up direct message on XBOX live if UR LEADER has the balls to do it. and OHH by the way in the hunger games match it was me that took out UR leader on the 1st strike. So the statement was made.

If you question the loyalty of your memebers…perhaps you should not have recruited them…

XD just messin, people do stuff like that all the time. Take it as a compliment, you team played so well other people wanna draft them…sorta like sports…

Ummmm… wrong section.

plz dont post any clan threads.thank you

You’ll have much more luck advancing your clan in another section of the forums. Here, I linked it for you. Enjoy and have a good April :wink:

Yeah! Virtual group of people who think going to war on a video game is serious! To the Battlefield!!!


oh my god this is so serious lives depend on this

  1. Wrong Section
  2. Don’t Call out People
  3. They must think your clan is better