To all Halo 5 haters

So I´ve seen so much hating in these forums. People hate sprint, spartan abilities, I even saw people hating on the luminosity of the explosions of halo 5. And I am actually glad that they are.

That people feel so strongly about Halo is what makes this community alive and vibrant. We even have discussions of several pages on the textures of some rocks. It may sound like people are being ridiculous, but it just proves that people love Halo. Each one love and hates certain aspects of each of the games, but at the end we all want Halo to succeed. Yeah, I would love to see people express their opinions with more kindness, but in politics, religion and any other subject that people feel are important to their life you will find that discussions turn sour. And I much rather have a forum full of people arguing over some random water effects and if spartans should use black or pink undersuits that a dead forum, with a dead community.

I look foward to spend my time with all of you trying to have some impact in our beloved universe.

Seems we share reasons for joining Waypoint…

Well, nice to have ya.

That was the most optimistic paragraph I’ve ever read on these forums. I mean, there’s looking at the glass half full, but then there’s looking at the glass breaking in half from the pressure of the glorious amount of cider in it.

Awesome post. Thank you for being around.

I try to be constructive, though with my disappointment about split screen I probably just come off as bitter now.

But I love Halo, man. Have for 14 years. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t. I’m not in any other games forums - just this one.

A lot of people voice their criticism to open minds and add their voice to the voices of others to illustrate that they aren’t alone in their desires.

A lot of those people can also be unnecessarily rude, overtly hostile, and pretentious. Myself included.

Out of all the hate threads, and the threads defending a certain feature, I’ve never looked at it as a “bigger picture”.

Your thread has made it so clear to me, and so easily. We ALL like Halo for different reasons, and want the best for Halo 5 in general (and the best can vary from opinion to opinion).

Awesome post. You earned my like.

I honestly wasn’t expecting that one after reading the title.
It doesn’t happen often that I’m impressed. You sir, have done so.

You sir have my respect. I agree with you when you say we all want Halo to succeed. This post has made my day. starts to weep friend: hey man are you crying? Me: no just shedding tears of joy.

Well said.

There’s a lot of vitriol that comes with it - but most of the criticism comes from the heart even if it’s not exactly well meant.