To all Complainers

This is a message to all people who have complained in a negative way to 343 about everything. Just STOP your not helping make Halo a better game your just making it worse. Saying things like “Halo 4 sucked MCC sucked so Halo 5 will suck, 343 has no idea has no idea how to make Halo, Spartan ops sucked warzone will suck just do firefight. etc.” and yes I have heard and seen people say this. Some of you may think your helping that isn’t if you want to help try not insulting everything they do every minute. Think about it like this would you want to try to do something good and try your best at something new for people who have no respect, faith or confidence in you. NO NO YOU WOULDN’T but they are still trying.
Also stop nitpicking Halo 5 for not having things that aren’t even important to the game. Playable elites were cool for the games they were in but get over it. This was big for the games it was in but they still made some sense in the Lore. We are lead to believe the Halo multiplayer are Spartans training in two and three the elites began to join the UNSC thus they shared everything meaning they also trained together and used each others weapons. Firefight is another one I my self was very disappointed in hearing it wasn’t in Halo 5 but they doing something called WARZONE that will be even bigger than anything in halo. Most people didn’t play firefight as much as people think other wise it wouldn’t have been taken out ( side note just make even more people mad ODST had the better firefight because it was a lot easier as a soldier to die which made taking on a small army difficult where as in Reach your a super soldier that can pick different abilities and had energy shields.) Ok now to talk about sprint we all this more than anything “Sprint makes Halo dumb sprint is for noobs etc.” Sprint is not bad just because it modernized Halo doesn’t make it bad. Bet if Halo 4 played like Halo 3 same maps in 4 and everything but 3s movement speed and stuff yea no. One thing I notice is how the minute 343 made default sprint everyone lost it but when Bungie made Reach everyone was cool with it being an armor ability which made it unfair for people who didn’t have it. ( For example one person has sprint another has armor lock the person with sprint runs off and the guy with armor lock has no way to catch up) At least in halo 4 you can run after them. Customization is another thing. There has been a leak of the Halo 5 warzone menu and people are raging over it shows you can only change the helmet and body armor and not everything. Is it really that big of a deal yes I do like making my Spartan look different from every one else but lets be honest in multiplayer your not focused on what people look like or what armor they your focused on shooting them. Also all that time you waste making your armor color combinations is wasted because your armor will just become red or blue. People like Reach’s customization and armor more than 4s because you had attachments and stuff. But people seem to forget that reach was only like that because your making noble six the way you want him. Just stop judging Halo 5 based on leaks and rumors THE GAME IS NOT OUT YET which means we have no idea if what was shown is true and things can be added in later times. OK IM DONE
I know most people will see this as me complaining about complainers and your kind of right but what I said was all truth let the pointless complaints end and the constructive ones grow. 343 is trying to make the best Halo for everyone lets help not hinder them and before its said here because it will be and has been before I’m not a 343 fanboy I’m a Halo fanboy.


Paragraphs exist. Please utilize them.

You’re not helping anyone by complaining about people’s attitudes.