To all asking or a ar nerf

I want to start saying that i use the ar along with the dmr along with the br along with the carbine along with the magnum and boltshot. So please dont say ur a newb that can only use a ar. Its just one of my weapons of destruction i use within the correct situation. Anyway if ur askin for a nerf i believe u just need to learn how to counter it. I get a -Yoink- ton of kills with the ar for one simple reason, i crouch allow an enemy to get within five six feet of me and spring an attack. If u allow that to happen guess what its not the games fault its yours for letting me get the jump on u. Sayin a gun needs a nerf when ur gettin killed by it within its respective range is rediculous. I love that its not a useless weapon anymore, like in the last game. So please dont nerf it its fine the way it is.