To 343i, Thank You 🙏

This game is beautiful. I’m so grateful to have been part of its Beta. I truly love the Halo Infinite Campaign. The Campaign is paced so well and the levels are so fun. The boss fights were super cool. Bassus got nothin on me. The open world is….fantastic. Like literally the best open world game I’ve played. The grapple hook. I didn’t think it would be good but now I can’t really imagine playing without it lol. Exploring is on a whole new level. The Easter eggs are amazing. Found the Pilot doll, still looking for Arbiter. This game impresses me so much. I hope in future DLCs and Updates, you add more parts to the ring.

You all have differing opinions. I got over the store and all that. I’m here to enjoy and give positive feedback.



The game slaps and I’m looking forward to see how it develops.


Loving every minute of the campaign. Tbh the open world sections; the freedom to choose where to; and how to do it is my favorite thing. I cannot get enough of Zeta Halo.

Great job guys.


They are not gonna give you freebies because you blow smoke up there -Yoink!-. An it’s not a beta it’s a full game. Always has been stop with the beta crap.


The fact that this is the best open world you played sounds like this is just some bot to drum up some positive press about the game. I don’t buy it


yes thanks 343 for making my digital purchase on Series S impossible to play offline unless I sign in everytime while I am online. Even though I can play the entire catalogue of Halo games for Xbox offline without the need to authenticate. Even after I have made Xbox my home. And it plays just great offline once I have firstly asked permission to do so- not really the definition of being offline

The most bizarrely ironic thing is that I can play bots offline lol, are you kidding me

Anyway thank you 343 for allowing me to waste £54 on the idea that 343 would never tie campaign to needing to be online just to gain permission

A warning then to those that actually understood the concept of why this isn’t good, you simply cannot play campaign offline unless authentication of your purchase is met every time you turn your machine on to play this. This means in the future potentially the game is dead at that point no matter if you have internet or not. But hey to those that love the here and now, enjoy this while you can. Truth is we don’t know if this will be an issue at all in the future but as of now the system in place means the game wont function at some point despite it sitting on our machines


Ignore the Debbie Downers above me. I totally agree with you. I am having an absolute blast playing the Campaign and finding the Easter eggs (I have found the arcade machine, the pilot doll, and the Weapon doll) and I feel as though there is a lot more to explore (I came across a random Power Seed near the later stages of the game that seemingly did nothing, but I’ll probably look at a walkthrough on my Legendary run to see what it powers up).

Not to mention that I love the fact that there is no fall damage. Leaping off high cliffs is really fun.


the campaign is excellent I would say. Fact is though the campaign cannot be played offline. That’s hardly being a debbie downer is it especially as 343 very much kept that aspect quiet. My advice would be to anyone happy to play a really decent game then Infinite is just that I would say but it comes at a cost. Simple fact is we don’t know if this game will work down the line for the reasons outlined and if people are happy with that scenario then happy days but many do see that as a massive issue

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You’re part of the problem on this forum. You aren’t giving constructive criticism or anything useful to this discussion. Bashing someone because they enjoy this is just childish of you.
Plenty of people love this game, many hate it. We are allowed to have differing opinions without calling each other names, etc. Sit down and be an adult, discuss like an adult.


You’re coming into a rare positive thread and instead of talking about the good aspects of the Campaign, you ranted on about not being able to play it offline, a negative topic you already created a thread about. That’s being a Debbie Downer.


it’s totally warranted though. 343 decided it was ok to make this game so that it was not compatible with offline play. There is no reason for that and I will happily make it heard. If that makes me a debbie downer than fine by me

And here’s the thing, there will be people at 343 that most certainly wont be for this decision and it’s them you have to feel for. The higher ups making their lives miserable for putting stupid nonsense in


I just finished the campaign a few minutes ago and it honestly had me in tears, tears of joy. Thank you 343 for such an amazing time. I think I’m going to immediately start my Legendary run now.


Poor Debbie!

I’ve played up until you reach the open world. I’ve been pretty busy this week but loooking forward to getting some down time and jumping on tomorrow.

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Hell yea! Same here!


I want to add, I loved the campaign. The respect and throw backs to the past, the dialogue of Weapon and echo was awesome. This felt like such a beautiful continuation from the halo 1-3 days. I felt like the IP was actually well respected while successfully expanded on MC like they wanted to in halo 4 and 5 but didn’t land. Also the fact that I was actually playing a video game and not a Hollywood movie was a personal favorite of mine.

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Lol funniest post I have read today.


So far my brother and I have found the Arbiter, Locke and Chief dolls… what exactly do they do though?

  • Previously they were for achievements, though these ones don’t seem to do anything in particular…
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Glad you’re having fun. My GF and I are waiting 6 months until co-op is out. We’re trying to avoid spoilers until then.


Yea lol I rolled my eyes when I read that. Yea, the campaign is good, but not THAT good.


No sense in giving constructive feedback when they don’t listen anyways.

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