[To 343i]: False Advertising/No Follow-Up Clarification - Spartan Ops Availability

In the conveniently since-deleted blog post, which originally displayed the Service Sunset chart,
it had stated that only XBox Live Silver (Free) was needed, in order to access & continue playing Spartan Ops
(which makes complete sense, since Matchmaking would be gone & we could only play solo/on LAN).
However, after checking this recently, Spartan Ops states that XBox Live Gold is required in order to play it.
(And the replacement support page article that the Service Sunset chart has been moved to, does not specify one way or the other - Silver, or Gold.)

I had previously inquired whether we truly only needed XBL Silver, as follow-up to what was originally stated in the blog post, or if we actually still need XBL Gold, but received no response. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Was the original statement (regarding XBL Silver) an oversight, or did you backtrack/change your mind? :thinking:
Because with the server(s) now offline, & thus losing matchmaking, we should no longer need XBL Gold in order to play Spartan Ops by ourselves.

A follow-up clarification would be greatly appreciated. :pray:t4: