To 343 with love



I have no words to express how much I love you right now.

I came here just to tell you that you truly made a masterpiece… This is the best halo ever. You guys NAILED IT HARD.

I’m writing this while credits are running. After 1h30 of intense tries, I finally emerged victorious. What a joy lol! That Uber hammer brute… Omg!

Thank you for all the legendary moment I had fighting on Zeta Halo. Everything was perfect.

Thank you 343.

Thanks for all your efforts. Thanks for making such a beautiful piece of art. Thanks for your dedication, and thanks for taking the time to make it perfect. Halo will never be the same. :slight_smile:

You guys are awesome, truly. <3



I’m loving Infinite, not bothered by the mp peoblems as it will be built on & fixed, so enjoying what we have.

Campaign was good. The rest is making a unique reputation compared to previous games.