To 343, why u been Lying to us 🥺

I rewatched Halo Infinite 2018 trailer. And all this stuff is not here. No snow, no desert, no rhinos, no jungle. Like why isn’t any of that there? And why do u not keep promises? It makes me sad.


Did they ever mention these things being in the game right at launch specifically?

Anything that far from launch is usually what they’re aimming for, not what is actually going to happen. There’s plenty of things that change with over time…

You should see the original Team Fortress 2 trailers back in 1999…


I think it was meant as a tech demo for the Slipspace Engine.

Regardless it is kinda disappointing it didn’t make the cut


Watch the halo mac world trailer and get back to us pal. Or the no smoke and mirros bs trailer hahaha
It was an engine reveal not a game trailer.
Like the ue4 infiltrator or agnis philosophy

I wish there were more biomes too. But I do consider most games trailers, especially one for games that don’t seem to be coming out within a year of the trailer’s release, to not be totally representative of the final product.

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Yes they did. Look up Sean W. Video on it. They were proven to have lied to us.

It was all talk to “sound good”.

You know, buy now and we will fix years later :man_facepalming:

You know what. . . MasterChief time travels and teleports to a different part of the ring at the end of the game and He and Cortana are in a Desert. . .a freaking Desert! They already announced and teased in the game they are doing future story content and even Joseph Staten Mentioned a 4-player reach style campaign that you can play with your own Spartan. I think we are going to continue to get story content and no thwy did not lie.

lol. Wishful thinking there bud.

This is just what game development is now in the 2020’s.

Marketing overpromises and development underdelivers.

Given that Halo CE – despite being 20 years old – featured woodland, desert, snow, and swamp environments plus weather effects (not to mention an entire island), and subsequent entries into the series also featured diverse biomes and weather effects, I don’t think it’s an unfair expectation those things would be a given in Halo Infinite, especially when the game was advertised that way in 2018.

A Halo ring is supposed to be a ring world, with entire continents and weather patterns. Wouldn’t blame anyone for expecting or wanting this in Halo Infinite.

Let’s be real. Have any of us ever seen an E3 trailer where when the game comes out, it’s even remotely similar to the E3 trailer? It’s always a pile of garbage compared to the trailer. Trailers should be legally required to use real game footage.

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cause money

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They dont actually read their own forums, they dont even give updates here lol.

You only really fight on a specific portion of the ring in this game.Which is probably why you only really see one specific type of environment in it. Multiplayer, has a little bit of variety at least. Behemoth is a more desert/ maybe beachish type terrain ( without water of course ). Few of the levels seem more urban to a human city oddly enough.

Hopefully they’ll open up more continent in Halo Infinite as they expand it to showcase snow levels, swap levels, desert levels and so forth…

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I imagine they’d expand the ring through DLC

I wonder if they’ll let us transition from one type of biome though to another is what I’m curious about…

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Well as you can see from the hidden ability to fly a Pelican, I’d imagine that we’d have vehicles that can cross continent. But 343 somehow thought that they should prioritize a tiny drone-plane instead of a mainline vehicle from the Halo Franchise. Seriously thy shouldn’t have cut the Pelican.

Yeah but like that’s not our fault. Who makes a game where all the main bosses and missions are only a brisk hike down the street and around the mountain? Nobody. Almost all games have you travel across at minimum a large detailed city, and at maximum, multiple different planets. The story really didn’t need to be in the same 50 acres of barren land

It’s because the game is open world, and how they wanted it to be presumably.