TNH Clan Recruitment

The New Hope:
As you may know already, the UNSC clan community is crumbling on Halo Reach. Do you miss the good old days of the UNSC clan community? Then “The Nee Hope” is the right clan for you!
We have three branches:
Marines (57 active members)
ODSTs (20 active members)
Spartan IIs (12 active members)
More Information:
This clan is a very active clan that is only a few weeks old, we are one of the biggest clans in the community at this point and we are intending to be the biggest and strongest at one point in the future. As you already know we have 89 total members. We hold training sessions, custom games, raids, clan battles and other action filled games as well. Do you want to learn more about “The New Hope”? Then go to our website at
Join Now:
Intersted in joining the clan? Send me a message on Xbox Live. My gamertag is (ODST J Hosky), hope to see you soon on the battlefield.

I doubt the biggest coz you’ll have to over throw exodus (I’m in) which have over 300 members and we are very eager to do a few raids against you to see your might. If your interested in raids or 8v8s message me on the Xbox my Gt is ‘I Eradicatus’