Personally im getting tired of the intentional betrayals and the zero ability to boot in most game types. Spawn trapping has got to go. 3 second invincibility for those who are respawning. Spawn Trapping takes the fun out of the game for everyone except the abuser. why hasn’t this crap been fixed? If someone betrays you as you respawn in Grifball, why is there no option to boot? i’d sooner play 3v4 because that one jack wagon is effing it up for everyone…

Blah Blah Adapt is what most people will say. Whats to adapt to? a broken game type where my teammates can betray me until next christmas? Srsly? I think i’m just kicking a dead horse and 343i is all but done with Reach. Instead of horrific community maps, why not fix the broken game types and call THAT an update instead? i’d sooner take fixing broken game types over adding more atrocious maps that have crappy spawn patterns and broken lifts that take 10 seconds to even boost you off the ground. Though i’m sure this will just get buried in the forum full of trollers and flamers :\

The door is that way, and it is always open!