Title update?

Frankie of 343i

> If you guys, or at least the guys who are mad that the TU won’t be meaningful, actually read what I said and what I was responding to, you might have a better context. The poster I responded to was concerned that the TU would universally change Reach’s entire gameplay and feel. It can and will make significant changes, but these will be handled in playlists, not just used across the board. Some people love the way Reach plays now, some people want to see new (and old, classic) features and gameplay changes. They will see these things, in playlists clearly labeled.
> I personally love Reach. I also love CE, Halo 2 and Halo 3. All of those games have very cool and significantly different aspects.
> We will describe the content of the TU and the features and changes it will enable fairlly soon. I am confident that there will be aspects of the TU that appeal to everyone in this thread, and I have read it all.
> The trick will be implementing them appropriately.

So what changes can we be expecting? Is it just a bit of a tweak in jump height/player speed depending on the gametype/playlist? Are you removing bloom from classic? Will I have similar features enabled in forge/custom game variant design, or is it going to be like the “Insane” gametypes that allow players to tweak some specs of the game?

It will basically be a separation of the play lists to each one will basically have a:

Halo: Reach

option >.> It’s kind of stupid XD