title update

so, all of these title update post always run around multiplayer, well what bout the crappy campaign?

  1. idk if they can actually do this, but add a new level or so that involves an epic tank battle or so
  2. mabye fix up some of the levels to make it feel like your being attack by covenant
  3. replace noble team with the moa team?(i have an addiction to moa’s, i had to add this one)
  4. have some more levels like new alexandria, except with you dring a pelican?
  5. have it to where you can skip the beggining part in winter contingency, it gets annoying waiting for the falcon to land.

so any other ideas/feedback?

There’s no doubt campaign could use some fixes, but I think the problems run a little more deep in the campaign than they do in multiplayer. A lot of the things I can think of, including your suggestions, sound like they wouldn’t be possible. Let’s just hope they take all the feedback about campaign and bring back the epic Halo campaigns that still run through my mind to this day. I imagine since they are the ones responsible for remaking Halo:CE, that they can appreciate what the old campaigns played like and what kind of feelings they brought to the fans.

I awlays would have liked a scenario similar to what appears in the Believe trailer. A simple all out foot charge, head to head.