Title update, toggle options for custom at least

Okay first off this new title update is going to ruin reach completely for alot of people if some things don’t get changed about it. The only reason 343 feels the need to make a title update is becase This websites forums are COMPLETLY occupied by the whiny “MLG” kids who are clinging on to halo 3. The people who are actually satisfied with reach (which is quite a bit more than you’d think) don’t waste time trolling on the “shortcomings” and “failures” of bungie on the forums, because they’re actually ummm…-Yoinking!- satisfied??? So 343 thinks their fanbase absolutely HATES halo reach, So now they’re “fixing” it, but really they’re just remaking halo 3. No thanks. I already have that game. The day I want Unblockable Energy swords, super melee(bleedthrough), and a Rifle I can spam until it runs out of ammo without a bit of recoil, yea, then I’ll go back to halo 3. I’m sure this has been said and ignored many times, but at least give us the option to toggle swordblock, bleedthrough, and bloom, in custom.