Title Update: some community prayers answered

From the bulletin:

> Enabled “X-Markers” on the HUD to designate when and where teammates are killed.
> Updated Active Camo to fully reveal players when they fire all weapons.
> Reduced the auto aim, magnetism and damage on the Gauss Warthog.
> Fixed an issue in which some players at SR-130 did not see their Specialization on their in-game Player Card.
> Fixed various issues with ordnance navigation markers.
> Fixed various join-in-progress issues with Flood.
> Added the ability to make weapon adjustments via backend tuning.

I don’t know about the commonality about complaints over the Gauss Hog, but the other two are significant.

There has been a large fan outcry to nerf Active Camo and incorporate the “red X” upon teammate death. Personally, I was a proponent of both, and I’m happy to see such a response from 343i.
They are listening. They are working to make this the game we want to play. Thank you, 343i. Here’s to the future!

Those three are definitely important, but I think the biggest addition is the last point. That alone opens up a myriad of possibilities.

Greetings Spartan, Title Update discussion can be found in full bloom within https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_topics10_Matchmaking.aspx