Title Update not working?

I went on Reach yesterday, downloaded the TU (2MB) and when I got the gametype (From 343’s fileshare) to play the “No bloom” variant. there was nothing different.

Is there something I did wrong?

The title update won’t actually come into effect until October 4th.

So we can’t acutally play the “no bloom” variants in customs yet?

Zero Bloom custom games are currently available and being played right now.

What changes were you expecting to see?


Come on. At least help him out.

Here’s the link to the Zero Bloom gametype. You can download it from there. Once you’ve got it, load it up in customs and invite your friends for some Zero Bloom fun. If you haven’t got anyone to run customs with, add some people from this thread.

I did exactly that! I loaded up the gametype from the 343 file share in customs and I played it with a guest. There was still bloom. I was sad :frowning: