"Title Update" like feature but for sprint

As you guys know that sprinting is a very “controversial” topic in community. 343 must really add an option in social playlist and competitive playlist for sprint as an option or not. If people don’t like sprint then they can turn it off , if people don’t care then they will just don’t care. This would not split the community and it’s a win win situation for everyone.
And also for sprinting have halo reach like sprint where after sprint there is an animation. This would decrease the chance that the running guy will be first to shoot.
How do you think about this guys ?? Should having option for sprint be there in multiplayer ??

No. They’re already splitting the ranked player base in half by input device. And when enough people complain, they’ll probably split console versus PC (although that’s admitting that their anti-cheat team failed). We don’t need a third split (now eight ways). The player base is small enough as it is. Nobody needs to be searching for a game for minutes. Sprinting has been in Halo for a decade and is here to stay.

Your options: (1) Accept it, (2) Play non-sprinting customs only, (3) Stick to CE, 2, 3 in MCC.

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