Title Update Failure.

So I’ve just downloaded the title update and now my disc won’t run.
I’ve seen this topic come up before and people were quick to dismiss it as an console based issue, but I’ve used my hard drive in two consoles to the same effect…

Once the TU was installed the logo/company screens flashed by then as it tries to go to the UI with Infinity and all that on it, it crashes then the Xbox flags “Disc is unreadable”.
When I removed the TU and run the game outside of XBL, it runs fine, goes straight on as normal…

Any suggestions here? This happened with Blackops 2’s latest TU too, I ended up reinstalling it in excess of 10 times before it would stop having a fit when it loaded.

On similar related Halo news though, downloaded Halo 3 with the Xbox promotion and… well I get “Disc is unreadable” with that game too… funny thing is though, there’s no disc TO read, it’s an XBL download.

Just to tick stuff off.

I’ve cleared the cache
Removed the Update multiple times
Switched Xbox’s

And am currently at a loss for what to do…


I’ve just installed the disc to my hard drive to see if that fixed anything? And now it says failed to launch game try re-downloading it. There’s a fricken DISC IN THE TRAY. The hell is this :’)

I think you need to post this in the Halo Support Forum.

I would either:

PM a mod and ask them to move it to the Halo Support Forum


Report your own post above and in the reason for reporting it just ask the mod team to move it to the Support Forum.

Hopefully the Support Forum team can resolve the issue for you.

If it’s happening with games other than just Halo, it may be better to get contact with Xbox support rather than 343. If you have a twitter account, they are usually really quick to respond and very helpful. Either that or try the live chat service on xbox.com

So what exactly will this update do for the game? I have not gotten on yet.