Tired of this "new" mentality

It is getting very annoying how a lot of the posts are about how halo 4 needs to change or be new. Why would something you haven’t even seen or played before need to change? Am I the only one who realizes that if halo 4 is anything like the first 3 games it will be amazing and provide years of fun? Sure, throw in some new weapons, maps, and gametypes but leave the game alone! What is all this talk about weapon attatchments and crazy armor abilities? If halo reach never came out, halo 3’s population would still be as big as other games out there. Why? because it was fun to play wether it be competative or just for fun, the trilogy games were incredible with slight changes between all of them. Halo is meant to be a simple game, and for those who don’t realize that and want to change is so drastically because they feel it “won’t compete” with other big titles, you are stupid.

It’s going to change whether you like it or not. Halo 4 needs to be that new change, and we are basing our decision off the past games. That’s where it is coming from. 343 definitely feels it needs to be refreshed. A carbon copy of the past trilogy is not the way to go, but that doesn’t mean dish out core halo gameplay.

That is too similar to the way CoD plays for me to trust what you want entirely.

Well reach destroyed core gameplay with aa’s. Especially when you start with them.

True the game will change new engines are going to come out and soon is the 720