Tired of the same maps

Is there anyway I can start a petition on removing the map “regret” from the rank playlist? Please I have hated that map ever since I saw it on the vidcon they released before the game was out. First of all the design theme it has is so dry and dead. It’s just a wannabe “midship” from halo 2 and all it does is cry for attention on tryna bring the classic vibe but all it really brings is hate towards halo. The fact that I die because of its slippery slopes just makes me wonder how serious 343 takes ranking. I really wish they would put new maps cmon we have a long time until halo infinite so why not give us better themed maps instead of hosting -Yoink- Microsoft tournaments to keep the halo community alive? I mean I rather work on something that the whole community can get rather then just a few that are able to go to the tournament… I feel like 343 wants the old veteran fans to die out so they can do what they want with the game because it feels like it’s aimed to just tired the old fans out and move on for the new fans that won’t ever know true halo without the original fans … you wipe out the original fan base and you wipe out the last hope to a new way of halo mixed with new school and old school … please just take off that map regret it’s so grosss!!