Tired of Solo Queuing for Arena [READ]

I am a Fellow Spartan who loves to play arena but playing solo isn’t fun.
I’m a very competitive person when it comes to arena but I know how to take a loss, If you are stuck in the same situation I am feel free to send me a msg
Communication is Key.
Thank you.

You are welcomed to play with my crew. And I agree with you communication is key!!

Come on over and check out www.halocommunity.com!! You dont need to leave your clans or think your joining a clan. This is a active community that just adds to your halo experience. If you ever need to find players to roll with, theres always members on. If your a clan leader you can post your clan there and recruit in our threads. The communities a win win for everyone. So drop over and signup. Tournys and Events are invite only because of our prize giveaways so if you ever want to be part of those special events, signup now.
Thanks Bomber
gt: bigdaddy b0mber