Tired of losing H2A games

I’m tired of getting matched with random players on the Halo 2 Anniversary playlist. I need a team or partner that would be mutually beneficial to ranking up. I’ve been stuck at a 15 for the longest time, every time I win 3 games in a row I lose the 4th and don’t rank up because of bad teammates.

Message Straafee.

I know how you feel. Sometimes I go +20 and end up losing games. I don’t really care for my high skill, but it is still annoying to lose when you are on perfections and +20s in Slayer. Objective I can sometimes understand, as OBJ is more of a team game than Slayer, but still. Bad teammates lead to Good Players becoming bad. It is like a wide spreading virus. I hope we can play with each other.

Hey guys what’s your Gamertags? I’ll add you up man.