Tired of having to reset the game.

After every match, you get to see your stats, and spend your Reqs. Although, at key hours of the day, when the servers are overloaded, it doesn’t quite work this way. Your stats are loading after every match, and you have zero Reqs until you back out of the game, and reload it. This happens after practically every match during key hours, it never missed.

This is not to mention how many disconnects, etc you get.

Does anyone know if there will be a fix, and is there anyone else experiencing this?

The last match I was in really aggravated me, I would be trying to get places and the entire match, the game warps me back 8 spaces. I take 10 more steps, and it warps me back 8, the entire match it did this!

I played about 5 hours today and didn’t have to restart once. The only issue was the we couldn’t retrieve your stats 9 out of 10 games.