Tired of arguing about Halo 4?

Chew on this tasty little speculation…


About that…

Microsoft used Halo 3 to test some steam registries, it was quickly taken down after all the speculation. They confirmed it won’t come to PC :confused:

Actually “they” didn’t deny or state never. That was one person during a Euro interview…I believe it was Josh Holmes. But he is not the president of games for Microsoft. Even if it was just a test, then how would you explain the Halo3.exe and title: Halo 3 listed inside the newest Catalyst Driver update from ATI?

Said driver update lists Halo3.exe specifically as using the UDX Direct X usage. Now yes someone could simply be pulling our leg by adding it in there, but last time I checked, doing something like that without consent from Microsoft or the title being real, means ATI broke a slue of laws by doing so. And there is yet any word from Microsoft regarding this find. very strange that they stay so tight lipped about this…especially with PAX what? Mere hours away now?

I really doubt it.