Tips to improve?

I feel like I’m the biggest noob to ever play Halo 5. My accuracy sucks and my kda for arena is -1.4, with 6865 kills and 8196 deaths. I am rank sr 63, and I feel like I should be a good player by now. My accuracy is only 36.2, which sucks. I suck with precision weapons and snipers, and can never get away from an enemy. My friends won’t really help me in any sort of way and I really want to be good at everything in the game. I really want the Achilles armour, which I will never be able to get if I continue to be this horrible noob that I am. My goal is to have at least a few thousand more kills than deaths by the time I am rank sr 120. I have seen many Halo 5 youtubers who are absolute pros, such as iSpiteful, Eagle Precursor, and Pingy. I really want to be like them when I get to their rank. But for now, all I need is for someone to help me.

Your strafe is 3 quarters of your aim… don’t rely much on the right stick. It should be your left stick doing the most for aligning your shot.

It takes some practice, but when it clicks you’ll be a much better player for it.

Also use nades as zoning tools or pre-nade corners when you’re weak. It will buy you enough time to regain health or even weaken an aggressive enemy to give you a fighting chance, maybe a chance at a nice multi-kill too… 'keep the chain alive!

Also, scan your screen and surroundings constantly and communicate. Halo is all about awareness.

Movement is a huge thing those guys you want to play like whilst they have great shots really pay attention to how they move around maps what they do around corners where they sprint and where they don’t etc it makes a huge difference even really good players don’t win all their gun battles but when they flank other players they win 95% of battles
also try Luke the notable on YouTube he has some great tips

If it’s accuracy try experimenting with your sensitivity that could help. Also as said above strafing is a key part in staying alive and aiming. My accuracy may not be great but keeping mobile keeps me alive long enough to kill someone. Also try practicing in Warzone, get a DMR or Sniper and just sit back and try to land a few shots to help your accuracy and then to help practice strafing get a bit closer such as going close to an enemy base and stick to cover. When you start to feel confident then go into a social game mode and practice there.
When you do strafe don’t be afraid to use your thruster pack, it’s what its there for. Use it to dodge into and out of cover and try jumping as well it can help land a head shot sometimes and it can make your opponent miss a couple of shots. Hope this helps