Tips on sniping and look sensitivity

Okay so I’ve been playing Halo pretty much my whole life ever since Halo 2 and I’ve always sucked at sniping like I’ll get kills here and there but a lot of times I miss 3 or all 4 shots with the sniper but then some games I’ll go off and get a lot of kills so it’s like I’ve done good with it before but I just can’t do it consistently.

Another thing is look sensitivity I have no clue on what I should use I’ve tried higher sensitivity but this leads to me being way more inaccurate and with slower I’m more accurate but obviously you turn around slow so if people are behind you you’re done.

I would just like some tips on these things if you all have any. Thanks.

I cant give you any good sniping tips but just be aware that it is a projectile so at times you might need to look a bit ahead when shooting a moving target. Im with you on being inconsistent with a sniper because some games I do really good with it and other games Im just terrible for some reason

As for look sensitivity, it really is as basic as “Find the highest sensitivity that you’re comfortable with”. I used to play on 3 sensitivity a lot back in the day on console but slowly I started moving it higher and higher. That’s my recommendation, slowly start turning your sensitivity up until you find a spot you’re comfortable at and stick with it because the highest you can go while still being accurate is the best place you’ll be at

What I found helpful in general was watching the pros and trying to mimic them. It helped me improve my overall Halo playing but it did not make me a pro. That does exclude my sniping skills. It is not guaranteed to work and it still takes practice but seeing how they operate can give you ideas. Also youtube tips on sniping in Halo.

I’ll never be pro because I only use low sensitivity, but that is what works for me.

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> I’ll never be pro because I only use low sensitivity, but that is what works for me.

Same here.

It is quite hard to differentiate between the halo games when it comes to sniping for example in halo 3 it has low bullet magnetism and requires you to be more accurate with your shot, compared to H5 you just need to place your reticle on their head and they are pretty much done for.

> 2533274875328566;4:
> I’ll never be pro because I only use low sensitivity, but that is what works for me.

Same here

For the sensitivity part you have to use what works best for you. I use a high sensitivity, but that’s cause I’ve always used one. My wife is a mid range and my son is a low. Start low and move it up a little then play a few games and see how you like it. If it’s to slow move it up, if your super inconsistent with shots move it down. Once you get it where your not to slow and your making most your shots then your exactly where you need it.

A lot of sniping is trying to line up that perfect shot. You can’t take your time in a multiplayer game. Once it’s on your target you have to squeeze off a round. Don’t sit there and try and perfectly line up a shot cause your just going to get killed. Try playing the campaign and use the sniper rifle to line up quick shots. The more you practice with it the better you’ll be. I’m not a pro by any means with the sniper rifle, but I’ve had a few friends tell me to try the stuff I just told you.

Just pick the sensitivity you are most comfy with for the game in general and just practice with that. I’m still not great with it and it took me years to even become decent. On gamepad it’ll just always be very hard to use it

I agree with turning up your sensitivity until your comfortable. If you have some expendable income, try getting a controller with an extended thumbstick. It allows for more precise movements.

Use your strafe to line up shots in combination with your aim, and be patient and remain calm especially if they aren’t looking at you/you have time to aim. Just by remembering to stay nice and calm usually improves my accuracy immediately.

Other than that play snipers a lot in social but don’t get frustrated there are a lot of good snipers out there.

practice makes perfect.

Practice buddy, that’s plain and simple. I was trash too, and I’m still in no way a pro when it comes to sniping. But my shots have definitely improved the more I play. Just keep at it my guy and you’ll get there :wink: