Tips on increasing xp!

Quit any game that does not concern your daily challenges!

I wouldn’t recommend to quick games as that may result in a matchmaking ban and this is also highly disrespectful against the other players that has participated in the game.

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You aren’t wrong but sadly because of the decisions 343 made with regard to how XP is earned I get why people do it and why in a lot of games people don’t play the objective or play to win but instead play to complete specific challenges.

343 made challenges worth more than trying to play to win.

Until they fix that, you’re going to see people quitting, going AFK, or trying to tick boxes rather than trying to do well.

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It is not recommended but unfortunately it is the best advice for players who want to progress. I would conclude that 343 is actually promoting players to quit - It really doesn’t make sense but we have to voice our opinion.


I am there with you.

You’re not wrong, but I’d rather not promote things that degrade the experience of other players. This issue is already at the top of 343s priority list, let’s try not to make things worse while solutions are being worked on.

Then get banned lol.


I would actually consider getting matchmaking bans to be one of the worst methods to earn xp and progress through the battle passes. This is due to the fact that players who has a matchmaking ban can by definition not access matchmaking and as such, they cannot complete challenges.

In my opinion, the best method to progress quickly through the battle passes is to have fun and enjoy the game.


Exactly that, enjoy play and progress.

Or be a terrible teammate and quit games.

If you actually want to progress your xp quickly with zero regard for your teammates, challenges or playing the game to enjoy it then why not just buy tiers? The most efficient way to gain xp without enjoying or playing the game.