Tips on communication

Alright, a lot of players want to get better, and they use a headset to help their teammates out by communicating via headset. That is perfectly fine, but there are good, mediocre, subpar, and outright bad ways to communicate. Therefore, I’d like peeps on the forums to contribute to this thread here by offering tips on communicating, since I want to help out players, but I know some players know more than me. So I’ll offer some of my tips, and anyone with valuable tips, please contribute to this thread!

1) If you die in a duel, provide information about where your enemy is going.

Calling out only “1-shot on my X” provides very limited info. The only information I can get from this callout is that my teammate lost a duel, and the enemy has no shields. However, I don’t know where the enemy went nor do I necessarily know where my teammate’s X is. Instead, provide more specific information about where the enemy is going.

Example: I die at Carbine 2 on Truth in a 1v1. Instead of saying “1-shot on my X,” an improvement would be “1-shot, camping in Carbine 2” or “Weak, going Blue Base.” That way, my teammates know where to go to clean up the kill.

2) If you trash-talk, you’re less useful than someone with no mic.

This is very obvious. By trash-talking my teammates, I not only spew out useless communications, but I also lower my team’s morale, and my team will be less inclined to try. As a result, I just lowered my chances of winning the match. Furthermore, my teammates will likely mute me, meaning any possible useful information I say cannot be heard and is rendered useless from the mute.

If anyone else has tips, please contribute and help some players out! If any of my tips can use improvement, please contribute!