tips for warzone firefight?

so i am really enjoying warzone firefight, but im not very good at it and was wondering if i can get some tips on how to play, what weapons i should get, and just general tips.

My basic loadout tactics for FF matches:

  • **REQ level 1:**I use the Magnum to target Crawlers & Grunts. The AR for Soldiers and to break the shields on Elites.

TIP: The Forerunner weapons are quite effective against the Promethean enemies, so I don’t hesitate to pick them up for use against them.

  • **REQ level 2:**I’ll swap out the Magnum for the BR. And I switch the basic AR for the Longshot Kinetic Bolts AR; however, if you have any Kinetic Bolt AR you can substitute it because they offer a TTK upgrade over the basic AR.

  • **REQ level 3:**I’ll swap out the BR for the Extended Clip Magnum and I’ll equip the Patrol Case Armor Mod.

  • **REQ level 4:**I’ll swap out the Extended Clip Magnum for the Extended Clip BR. If I’m using a vehicle in which I can directly be fired upon I’ll opt to switch my Armor Mod over to the Auto-Medic for a slightly quicker health recharge.

ALTERNATE: If facing enemy boss vehicles I may grab another Kinetic Bolt AR or a Kinetic Bolt BR. Specific power weapons and Plasma Pistols are quite helpful too. Of the Kinetic Bolt options for the BR I favor the Sentinel Scope Kinetic Bolt BR for its multiple zoom levels.

TIP: It’s worth mentioning that the recoil is removed from the BR when firing it while scoped with either the Sentinel Scope, Longshot Scope, or COG Scope (which unfortunately isn’t available w/ Kinetic Bolts).

  • **REQ level 5:**I’ll swap out either the Extended Clip BR or the Longshot Kinetic Bolt AR for one of the Kinetic Bolt SMGs which has a TTK upgrade over the non-Kinetic Bolt SMGs and I may opt to grab the Legendary H2BR too.

  • **REQ level 6-7:**I don’t really change anything unless I feel another Kinetic Bolt weapon is warranted to go with the Kinetic Bolt SMG based on the round’s scenario. I kind of favor the Sentinel Scope Kinetic Bolt DMR over any Kinetic Bolt BR; however, I’m not sure if landing 3 round bursts from the BR on an enemy character or vehicle’s weak points actually does more overall damage than a single shot from the DMR. If it does than I’m probably making the incorrect choice.

I do switch my Armor Mod over to the Wheelman unless the final boss or bosses are tough to reach with a vehicle then I may opt for either the Upgraded Shield, Increased Strength, Patrol Case, Upgraded Thrusters or Speed Booster depending on what weapon(s) I elect to use and my desire to quickly re-enter the battle against the final boss/bosses.

  • **REQ level 8+:**I may swap the non-SMG over to a DMR or BR with the Energy Bayonet for last resort melee attacks.

Worth mentioning that vehicles are easily the most prominent means to deal damage in FF.

My breakdowns:

  • REQ level 1: Only real value in a Scouthog is in running over early enemies. The Mongoose is mildly interesting when someone is driving another around simply because the backseat person can chuck infinite grenades, but for the most part it’s quite useless.1. Rally Scouthog
  1. ONI Scouthog
  2. Any additionally available Scouthog variant
  3. Scouthog
  4. ONI Mongoose
  5. Any additionally available Mongoose variant
  6. Mongoose
  • REQ level 2: This group is all about Warthogs that gain much of their value from 2 players working together, but anything that requires a dedicated driver who’s ability to deliver damage is limited to splatter damage hampers the overall team damage potential a bit; particularly, in the latter stages/rounds.1. Rally Warthog
  1. Any additionally available Warthog variant
  2. Warthog
  • REQ level 3: The 2 Ghost options are king here because they don’t rely on anyone else and can be incredibly effective. If you have another individual the ONI Warthog is pretty awesome and the Sword Needler hog is ok. The Gungoose options can be somewhat impactful as a pop-shot vehicle against certain bosses and groups that spawn in clustered together, but they’re so damn annoying to control in order to get effective shots off that they often become a waste of time.1. Sword Ghost
  1. Ghost
  2. ONI Warthog
  3. Sword Needler Warthog
  4. ONI Gungoose
  5. Any additionally available Gungoose variant
  6. Gungoose
  • REQ level 4: The Wasp is a fantastic early mid-match vehicle option. A clever pilot can rack up damage dealt while limiting any incoming damage by using cover. Outside of that the 2 Ghost options are solid damage dealers that don’t require a second individual. While the Rockethogs are quite impactful options the problem is that to get the most out of them you often need another willing player to man the turret or drive.1. Wasp
  1. Ghost Ultra
  2. Temple Ghost
  3. Any available Rockethog variant
  4. Rockethog
  • REQ level 5: The Anti-Air Wraith is a terrific option that‘ll remain extremely useful in many final round scenarios. An underestimated component it possesses is its needler turret seat with some shielding which is available for another player that hopefully possesses the Wheelman Armor Mod since its benefits can stack. The ONI Wasp kicks some serious butt as a cover-based aerial vehicle. The Mantis, Sword Wraith, Banshee, and standard Wraith are all fairly solid options too. Getting the most out of the Banshee requires some technical skill; in fact, the Banshees in general require the most vehicle skill to maximize their effectiveness. It’s worth mentioning that the 2 non-AA Wraiths don’t match up well against aerial opponents, but can do some serious damage against ground units. Again, the 2 Rockethogs can be quite impactful, but like any of the hog options they require a 2nd individual willing to hop aboard to maximize their usefulness.1. Anti-Air Wraith
  1. ONI Wasp
  2. Mantis
  3. Sword Wraith
  4. Banshee
  5. Wraith
  6. ONI Rockethog
  7. Vespin Rockethog
  • REQ level 6: That Hannibal Wasp is one deadly aerial option if there’s some available cover to hid behind while charging the primary gun and deploying the ION Field Bombs or with enough ground vehicles present to draw the majority of the enemy’s attention; otherwise, I’d rather just role with the Scorpion & Mantis options. Similar issues as before for the non-AA Wraiths; they remain highly impactful options against ground opponents, but not very useful against aerial opponents. The Gausshogs face the same issues as the Rockethogs, but are presented as better options for taking those pop-shots from afar.1. Any available Scorpion variant
  1. Scorpion
  2. Any available Mantis variant
  3. Hannibal Wasp
  4. Wraith Ultra
  5. Temple Wraith
  6. Sword Banshee
  7. Any Gausshog variant
  8. Gausshog
  • REQ level 7: That ONI Scorpion is one mean machine, but so are those 2 Mantis options. The Phaeton is a great cover and dodge aerial combat vehicle while the Banshees are more suited to being used aggressively and as mentioned previously require more technical skill to excel with. In fact, really talented pilots can do a ton of work with either of those 2 Banshees; plus, against particular Hunter enemies the Banshee Ultra is arguably the best option by getting up close and personal. The ONI Gausshog is one of the best pop-shot vehicular options that isn’t a tank.1. ONI Scorpion
  1. Hannibal Mantis
  2. ONI Mantis
  3. Phaeton
  4. Banshee Ultra
  5. Temple Banshee
  6. ONI Gausshog
  • REQ level 8: These are 2 very powerful elite vehicles, but in all honesty in many situations I’d happily role with the ONI Scorpion over either of them & maybe even the top 2 Mantis options over them in several scenarios too. A great perk of the Hannibal Scorpion is its quicker traveling speed verses all of the other tank options which can let you reach the enemies quicker from more distant spawn-in locations.1. Phaeton Helios
  1. Hannibal Scorpion

Use vehicles against bosses since they have unlimited ammo and can take more damage.

If you are playing Heroic you should be able to get by without having to use your vehicle reqs however if you are playing mythic then , in my opinion, it’s quite a different story, vehicles are the name of the game and you want to always be thinking about your obj and whether a vehicle is suitable for such a task.

Enemies become HUGE bullet sponges so at req level 3 + you wan’t to have the patrol case and use extended magazine versions of your guns, make sure you get as many kills as possible and do as much damage to bosses as possible for the req level boosts.

Once you are level 2 reqs switch your assault rifle to kinetic bolts. they have faster kill time then regular ones and they have some knockback on vehicles but not very much.
I would recommend any sword, ultra, or temple ghost to use against prometheans or covenant elite bosses. normally you have to shoot prometheans a lot to kill them, but you can boost and smash them to bits. same with elite bosses. Spartan lasers are obviously good at killing vehicle bosses so use those. If you have a power weapon that is valuable, then seek cover a lot to save your life and your reqs. thats some goodish advice maybe

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> so i am really enjoying warzone firefight, but im not very good at it and was wondering if i can get some tips on how to play, what weapons i should get, and just general tips.

I always change my loadout as I unlock reqs. By the end I prefer the sentinel BR (scopes, zooms and has a silencer), and the sentinel DMR with the extra magazine. I also always the patrol case (extra ammo which keeps you from going to the req station as often) and then switch to the upgraded shields (as I unlock them) (those are the only two armor mods I use). If you’re good with a vehicle, always use one of those as needed. If you’re going to pull out a vehicle and your req level is high enough, make sure to put the wheelman armor mod on, your vehicle will last a big longer. I don’t like using power weapons as I usually die before I get an opportunity to really use it (same with vehicles) but you can go that route too.

Other than that, learn to bob and weave so as to avoid enemy shots. Oh… (this one is pretty important) learn the maps really well!! Learn the best places to be able to snipe, or shoot and stay alive, and also where enemy spawns are. That’ll give you an edge if you have a better idea of what’s coming and where they are. I’m sure I’ll think of other tips once this posts… but this should get you off to a good start.

Learn enemy weaknesses. For example, Promethean soldiers have a weak spot in their chest. Most people think it is the head but this is incorrect, aim for the chest and you will see the crit hitmarket popup. When shooting any enemy, always aim for the weak spots. Also, pay mind to the fact that covenant weaponry is best used against the covenant, and Promethean weaponry is best used against Prometheans. For example, a plasma pistol is OP for noob-comboing elites, stunning jackals with shields, disabling all vehicle types, and if you can disable grunt mech shield for ez headshot. Yet the plasma pistol is near useless against Prometheans, but Promethean weapons are very effective against themselves thanks to the tracking bolts of the ammunition of the suppressor and bolt shot that will track towards the weak point of crawlers, soldiers, knights, and wardens. Once you learn how to counter enemies, you can do most of the heavy lifting in each game. I usually try to talk with teammates and give tips so that if we do get matched up again in the future, they will know what to do. YouTube also has a handful of guides covering WZFF.

> 2535422962813259;1:
> so i am really enjoying warzone firefight, but im not very good at it and was wondering if i can get some tips on how to play, what weapons i should get, and just general tips.

Use whatever weapon you feel most comfortable with, and always go for the little guys. Squads of grunts, crawlers, jackals and even minor elites can give lots of points. Just try to safely kill as many enemies as you can on foot until Round 4, in which then you should get a vehicle to dispatch the rest. That’s what I do. I typically rock a BR or AR with a magnum secondary and the occasional req weapon to help with tougher enemies like Banshees or Knights. Use armor boosters like Overshields when you’re defending a point. If you prefer vehicle combat, I would say use a Ghost asap since they’re cheap. Also, if you find yourself getting shot at alot, try using silenced weapons when fighting. You’ll be less likely to be picked out of a crowd, in my experience. If you have any buddies, going around in a warthog can also be very effective provided you have a decent driver.

Don’t trust people with scout hogs

The Anti-Air Wraith is one of the best tanks to use in regular Warzone Firefight. Stay at a distance and blast away. Be sure to lead your targets.

Don’t die just spam rockets and use bunch of tanks is what my strat is lol

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Un consejque cuando te enfrentes a enemigos con vehículos aéreos lo mejor que puedes hacer es buscar armas poderosas, dispararles y esconderte, a no ser que uses vehí-Yoink!- aéreo. Para matar mas rápido a los warden eternos, disparales en el círculo de la espalda.
Para matar mas rápido grunt gigantes disparales con carabinas del convenant en el escudo que tiene en a cabeza, según le hagas daño irá cambiando de color, una vez que se lo destruyas solo le tienes que disparar en la cabeza al grunt de adentro y lo matas instantáneamente.
Para los hunter usa lanzagranadas de plasma y para los knight usa el arma “la respuesta” o lanza coetes

Get vehicles out as fast as you can. For me personally I do not like to use weapons unless absolutely necessary.