Tips for using the Plasma Repeater in Slayer?

Seems like it does more damage than the SMG, SR, and Suppressor, but overheats fast? I get wrecked by it close range when I have those weapons. But what I’m asking about it how to be more effective with it? Is there a trick to it?

Also, I have yet too see any use for the Suppressor over any close range automatic weapon. What good is it? Slightly farther range + mild homing?

Close range the repeater will beat almost anything as long as you dont miss and its just a 1 v 1 battle. (With over heat second guy gets you)
If you’re farther away try pumping the trigger slightly to slow down the over heating.
With the suppressor close to medium range is best and stay mobile with jumping and boost so the homing rounds work while they will have to adjust their aim to keep hitting you

Is the repeater in H5 or are you talking about a different game? What Twig said is good, but it can vary in different games.

I have the most success if I take my finger off the trigger for just a split second just as shields break. I prevent the overheat and can manage to get a 2nd quick kill if I interspace the remaining shots. I typically change weapons ASAP if I overheat.

Carry either a pistol or an assault rifle as a secondary weapon, because if the Storm Rifle overheats, the pistol and AR have the fastest weapon switch time so you can quickly continue getting shots off.