Tips for the randoms

Lately I have been playing halo wars and I have seen a suprising amount of privates and even no ranks and they quit WAY to often because they feel threatened by a ghost. And yes I know some are smurfs. So yeah here are some random facts you should know.

  • Don’t quit you snov - Do not build random units, 5 warthogs, 10 marines, 1 tank, 2 hornets, and 1 vulture won’t kill anything (except maybe the vulture) - Build against the enemy if they hornets build wolverines and (not or)tanks, etc. (Unit desc. Shows what they are best against.) - Power turret tanks are better than grizzlies, unless you like the extra health, PT canisters do more damage - You really only need 10 jackals against infantry each shot kills one marine in a sqaud each jackal usually shoots at the same marine so the other shots basically miss so having an army is pointless, plus gives you space for more units. - Micromanage, move your units around when attacking you dodge shots taking less damage, for instance tanks can actually rek banshees if you move around a lot - Spartan vehicles make the difference between winning and not winning, except maybe hornet/hawks, I personally want to see a 14 star hawk in action but it is near. Impossible - Don’t spam mac blasts, as in press A 4 times in not even half a second spamming all in one spot It just glitches the damage, you can no bar a scarab with 4 mac blastsAny other things that are important that I forgot?

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> - Don’t super spam mac blasts, as In spam all in one spot It just glitches the damage, you can no bar a scarab with 4 mac blasts
> Any other things that are important that I forgot?

I never found spamming the macs in any way glitching the damage. Cutter was my best leader and except for maybe if the game itself had a horrible host mac blasts spamming worked just fine.

I agree with Grizzlies unless you are forced to fight someone that spams a lot of wraiths or even locusts then those Grizzlies tear right through them.

Also yes Vultures are crap, I mean if you are playing someone inexperienced and you know it, you can build 4 of them and have them destroy bases earlier in the game, but against more skilled opponents Vultures are crap just a waste of 9 units and money. You are better off with 3 hawks or even hornets.

The only thing I ever found OP about Super MAC Blasts was if there were 3 Cutters on a team, all with a Super MAC. The resulting duodeca-MAC can kill a base IIRC.