Tips for someone new to mouse and keyboard?

Hi all,

I recently was gifted a gaming PC, so I decided to buy MCC. I’ve been having a great time playing the campaign again, but I’ve been struggling adapting to mouse and keyboard. I’m writing here with hope that someone else has been in my shoes, and might be able to help get me up on my feet!

I played a handful of matches as well, tonight (4 games of H3 FFA), and got WRECKED. Whenever someone got close to me, I tensed up, fired all over the place (I would aim at them with the BR, then miss, then OVERCORRECT, then miss, etc…)… it was a drag.

The thing is, I really WANT to love mouse and keyboard. It feels very comfortable to me, and I find the whole “click to shoot” thing oddly satisfying.

Thanks for reading!

PS I know I can just use an XBOX controller, but I don’t care to.

I had the same issue. Still not great with it, but I played all the campaigns on legendary, and then did a lot of firefight games. Seemed to help a little bit. Just getting used to one hand doing all the aiming (For the most part) was the hardest part for me. And I get tense hands in one on ones too lol

If you’re used to controller, the only thing I really have to say is you can (and should) turn the mouse sensitivity very low. Slightly lower than comfortable is my recommendation. It will feel weird at first, but once you can get the hang of flicking to quickly turn, and having the slow extreme precision for aim, it will click for you.

Or don’t. I’m not your boss. Some people like fast sensitivity.