Tips for playing swat?

So I just got into onyx division for swat, and I’m looking for tips to up my game to the standard I’m going up against.

Do I run in and shoot, or play defensively?
Should I avoid sprinting?

Any kind of tips welcome

Jonny you playing tonight? We can party up and I’ll share insight I have for SWAT so far.

I won’t be playing till Saturday so hopefully then.

Sounds good. Add me on X1, shoot me an invite this weekend sometime. Couple of friends are wanting to hit Champion in SWAT and we will help any way we can.

Sounds good!

You don’t want to have more than one or two guys rotating through the map, while the other three or two hold a power position. That’s what happens in the higher levels as the roamers will try to break up setups of the opponents and the game play is somewhat slower as there is more caution present and more gunskill in the players competing. Jumping is also essential to succeeding and being in the air means the opponent has to react, and if they are reacting then they are the one who will die in most cases.
P.S. I am currently Diamond 5

Use excessive amounts of sugar and stimulants before each game.

I am Onyx as well, the best way to win is improve aiming and play with buddies that are skilled at swat.

install eyes in your backside, then learn to dual wield magnums AND BRs.

You need to be like cracked out. I started at Platinum and I’ve worked to Diamond 5 so far. I play solo and just run around like a chicken with my head cut off though. Probably need a solid team for Champion and just good thumbs.

Aim for the head bro!!!

Crouch walk around every corner. They always either shoot over my head or below it. People get too lazy and keep their reticle leveled at normal head height. That, and find unorthodox sightlines and routes to take. We all know everyone else does otherwise we’d never get shot from behind.

Try and keep back to the wall wherever possible to minimize shots from behind, keep moving and every so often spin around to make sure no one is on your tail.

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> Use excessive amounts of sugar and stimulants before each game.


I need to get better also but my tip is to keep ur eyes open and always be aware.

avoiding sprinting really, hopping around and walking full speed helps a lot

Be like Han, shoot first!

But also be like Easter, jump around like Bunny.

IF you’re going to sprint, remember; SLIDE, shoot for their head, JUMP, shoot for their head, THRUSTER left/right, shoot for their head.

  • rarely use your scope unless it’s a really long shot
  • Don’t stand still very often / if at all
  • Use stereo or surround sound earphones to hear gunshots and footsteps to detect where people are on the map
  • Your most likely moment to be shot is when you just spawned, try not to rush into battle - take a second to think where you just died, where your team is, who is firing or who just died and make some assumptions from that about where the enemy is likely to be
  • If you miss your shot, get out of there if you can. More often than not if you try again they will nail you
  • Don’t run unless you are pretty sure you know where the enemy is and that you can use run to your advantage. Running to get back into the action quicker is likely to get you dead again
  • If someone on your team dies close to you, don’t run into the line of sight that just got them killed! So tempting to peek round that corner but don’t!
  • Try to avoid 50/50 fights. You should try to engage your enemy when you have a tactical advantage - this is the key to a positive K/D in swat.

For me, I rarely am the top gun in swat, and I’m often not strong in those 50/50 encounters, but I try to play the thinking mans game and out-smart my opponent to make sure that I get enough sneaky kills to keep my positive K/D.

I’m looking for a group to party with who will communicate and maybe teach me a few things. Hit me up @foambullet84.

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> install eyes in your backside, then learn to dual wield magnums AND BRs.

Haha you know we are Spartans wearing helmets with a heads up display there should be a look back button so you don’t have to turn completely around to check your 6