Tips for climbing to Onyx?

I’m looking to improve at the game. I’ve been hard stuck mid-high Diamond since Season 1. My highest has been Diamond 6. I’m trying to finally get to Onyx.

Any tips?

Have a solid team to play with, if you notice your getting other region location games eg high ping more then 2 games in row come back later.

I find that the people I team with using the LFG feature on game bar are just super negative and toxic.

Makes finding teammates hard when your options are someone you wanna mute, or someone who’s just not as good as their rank says they are and they blame the rest of the team for the L

With that being said, any recommendations on where to look for people to play with? :joy:

Ping has been a non-issue lately. I haven’t had a game over 100 ping, and it’s rare to get them. I usually see 50-70 ping games.

Get some new friends into halo.
While they rank bronze etc stay with them. You’ll be going positive 32 etc and winning most games as your opponents are bronze’s and such.
You’ll get massive lifts to your rank.
You’ll get to onyx quickly this way.

Alternatively you could quit many consecutive games and throw your MMR so when you do played ranked your opponents are far beneath you.

Both of these ideas I have taken from observing mint blitz.

Is it even possible for a Diamond 4-6 to find a game with someone who ranks Bronze? If I was to search with a Bronze?

Yeah you let your bronze team mates search for you. It works 100%

I guess the question you have to ask… would getting to Onyx this way be satisfying?

If so… you may as well download mods and hacks and whatever as well. Or pay someone to boost your account.

Get good. Find a good team. Work hard. You’ll appreciate it more.

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I was almost 1600 during the S1 inflation period, so I got it while it was easy. I haven’t tried to grind up to Onyx since they reset the ranks (to more realistic standards), but I did grind up to Onyx previously in H5. Things I remember being helpful were…

-Play consistently
-Play with a team (consistently)
-Learn not to tilt (both in a game and in a session of games)
-Think more actively about map strategy (think about the state of the map, location of players, and what your goal should be every time you spawn)
-Keep practicing with the BR, there’s no replacement for good aim

I’m sure other better players than me on this forum have better tips too.

Play early in the day. Before 3pm. Population seems to increase after 3pm causing higher ping games and more desync. Cheaters also tend to play more at night. And the high diamond/Onyx brackets are full of them.

Find friends in your region. Playing with people further away doesn’t help as the game will try to find a server between the two of you.