Tip to Grifball players players

DON’T SPRINT, when using a grav hammer, the person defending with the grav hammer has an advantage. Use the energy sword for ball carriers, but only use it if you are behind the carrier. If you are in front stay where you are and let them come to you, then grav hammer them. NEVER ENGAGE, they will come to you, and luckily the defender has the upper advantage with grav hammer, only engage when the ball carrier is near the goal. USE GROUNDPOUND, it’s better if you are the carrier to do this, but only do it if the opponent has a grav hammer on. Use spartan charge only with the energy sword. there you go, some tips and tricks for Grifball

You are missing one, USE A WIRED CONNECTION. A wifi connection is always at a disadvantage and at times do not win a fight even though there animations start first.