Timestamped Official Videos Regarding the Tenrai Event


We see the Yoroi for the first time in Multiplayer Reveal Trailer.

We see it again referred to as “the samurai” that we’ve already seen, and “that’s one of our event armor cores, and that’s something players will be able to earn through gameplay, for free!”:

We see it in almost all of the promo material for the FREE event, leading up to the Tenrai Launch Trailer, where it’s seen again as premium armor.

Not to mention, that helmet is used for the visor previews for the core, almost as if it was initially the intended default. Continuing to argue they didn’t lie only works if ignore all of the context of what was said. What they showed off was clearly going to be interpreted by users as free, and was likely initially intended to be free. As it currently stands, it is not free. It wasn’t just misleading, it was a lie.


Yep and it wasn’t the only lie from 343 regarding Infinite, which is why I uninstalled it and encourage others to do the same if they are feeling burned from Infinite. Don’t support games where the devs lie to your faces.


Stronger than I, I can’t stop playing. What I can and did stop doing though is spending money on it, not a cent more is going into this current system. I initially put money in for the pass and some HCS coatings that I thought were cool, but turns out you can’t customize them at all! 343 said too bad so sad and wouldn’t refund, neither would steam. It feels like a scam and I feel shameful for falling for it.


that’s one of our event armor cores, and that’s something players will be able to earn through gameplay, for free!”

Not to defend 343, but this is true. The armor core is free, and earnable through gameplay. It’s simply the helmet that isn’t.

But the fact they didn’t lie, doesn’t make their actions of showing off an unobtainable (probably paid) helmet and having no free customization options for the armor core any less terrible.

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Same, I’m done for now. If/when they make major changes to the progression & monetization systems I’ll gladly come back on board. But I can’t in good conscience support this level of predatory monetization. And I’m also burned out from being forced to play a certain way just to get stupid challenges done. It’s not at all fun.


sorry to burst your bubble but I am having FUN and im sticking to infinte I know it will get better sad that your not gonna be part of it but it will be FUN regardless

Yes but at the time they didn’t tell us what armor cores were. So they did lie because they made the video and inferred that the armor shown was the armor core and that it would be free. It’s like McDonalds saying come to McDonalds to get a free Big Mac Burger and showing us the whole Big Mac and then when people show up to get it they only receive the meat patty and then charge us over $20 for the rest of the sandwich. Technically yes we got the Big Mac Burger for free, but it’s still lying because when they showed us a picture of what we got for free it was the whole burger. Buns, cheese and everything else that’s on it and that’s exactly what 343 did with the armor set.


that’s one of our event armor cores, and that’s something players will be able to earn through gameplay, for free!

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Show car
“Buy this bad boy for 30k!”
Buys car, tires are changed to cartwheels

I mean, it’s intentionally misleading if you show one thing, then hinge on literal words to tell something completely different.
Humans use visual representation quite a lot to understand things.

i343 continuing this will lead to more distrust later on.

No the car analogy isn’t a perfect example but the overall picture of it remains.
Show one thing, say something, deliver partially something else.


I mean most of my fun for Halo comes from Custom games, Forge and Character Customization, so for a player like me, Infinite is an utter disaster.


It’s not just the predatory microtransactions, it’s the fact that 343 has been outright lying to us about Infinite in almost every interview. Infinite certainly isn’t for the “fans” and 100% does NOT put the player first.

And to those who use the brainlet argument of “it’s just cosmetics” let me ask you something, if cosmetics weren’t important to Halo, why is 343 turning into EA with Halo Infinite’s cosmetic microtransactions? It’s because 343 KNOWS customization is part of the Halo experience, but they don’t CARE, they’ll milk it anyway, and when people start complaining about low population in Infinite less than a year post-launch, just remember:
YOU rolled over and allowed the game to get to that point rather than fighting to make it perfect.


What are the chances that, much like the coating, what was shown in the trailer (ie. helmet) also becomes a weekly challenge completion reward?

If it’s available in the $$ store it will never be unlockable any other way.

343 said that.

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From what I could see from everything released (incl. leaks) there seems to be a lot of variants so it isn’t impossible for them to release the “cool” variant for free via total weekly challenge completion like the shader. Nothing stopping them from putting an “even cooler” variant in the shop either.

It’s annoying that they’d promote the event with an armor set not even obtainable in the event, which will probably exist as a store bundle at some point, it’s deception and it’s disappointing.

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Yes, they’ll get around it if they want too.

Releasing something for free that’s in the store but with a slight colour change means they’re technically not going back on their word and keeping the store items exclusive to the store.

There’s hope yet.

Not quite.

A better analogy would be to so say “free burger” while showing you a Big Mac, and then you find out that the "free burger’ was just a cheese burger, and you had to pay for the extra patty and middle bun to make it a Big Mac.

They didn’t technically lie, because they said “event armour core”, which in itself is free, they just showed it to us with a bunch of PAID cosmetics on top.

It’s like when they said “millions of customisation options at launch”.
Its not a technically a lie, they just failed to mention that you would have to buy the Battle Pass, and then spend approximately 8-9 times that price again to unlock everything ‘for launch day’.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a 343 -Yoink!-.
Its still super crappy bad faith marketing, which they should be ashamed of.
Every single word they say has been perfectly crafted to sound better than the truth, without technically stepping into lie territory.

Yes it was misleading because of the Yoroi Spartan who had been displayed on the forefront as this event’s highlighted armor. However this is a free event offered in a free to play game. I agree the rewards are not great, but I am more angry about progression; including for the season pass.

The store can be frustrating but it is the player’s choice to buy or not. I’m sure many can justify a bundle purchase in store because they didn’t have to pay $60-$70 for a game. I don’t mind an in game store, but wish there were customization options offered earlier in game. An easy change is allowing coatings to be used on any armor core set. What do you think they could do to make angry fans satisfied after the misleading event?

Time to file court papers for false advertising. For real I’m wondering when someone will

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Ya right, if cyberpunk 2077 didn’t meet any successful lawsuits, this game won’t either. 343 has a team of lawyers giving the nod for every practice they do, guaranteed.