Time's up: Is the switch happening or not?

No, I’m not saying the switch needs to happen right now, but the rumor mill is genuinely insane right now.

We need developer-to-player transparency at this point.

I don’t support an engine shift. I think it’s extremely foolhardy and taxing on the system. But what I support does not matter.

At this juncture we need to be told what is actually happening, not at the start of the business week, not at the start of Q3, not next Fiscal Year, or whatever other corporate jargon.

We need to hear what’s going on as soon as possible, because I’m going to level with you.

The entire fanbase at this point - is frankly unbearable to deal with. I get it. We’re all frustrated with the state of the game - yes, me too. I’m not a 343i defender. But boy howdy, the vitriol I see on here…

Something needs to be done, because the relationship between Developer and Player is extremely unhealthy right now, and as a fanbase we’re eating each other alive out here and it is beyond draining.

Someone up top, start talking. Don’t let the rumor mill decide the future of the franchise when you can man-woman-or-anything-else up, and start. Talking.


I do love this game, but the rock hammer is helpful.



No it really doesn’t make a difference if they confirm anything now.

At least wait till they jave domething to show for a change if it is happening.

I dont think them saying anything will change the vitriolic state of thr community.

Itll still be full of uninformed people who jave no point of reference for game development, especially in AAA, arguing about a production plan they dont actually understand.

Best they 343i concentrate on development on whatever engine they are using and come out with confirmation via a trailer that has the engine splash screen followed immediately by results.

Even then we will have complaining but least theres a tangible product to connect to the engine at that point.

A picture speaks a thousand words as they say and premature rhetoric is exactly what caused the hype that was dashed by 343is words not matching up with results.

Girl Im in the same boat.
The discourse on it is painful at times and every thread morphs into yet another production woes discussion.

And just plain ole curiousity killing the spartan kitty cat factors in on top.
Id be very curious to know from a production perspective whats going on and the direction 343i is taking.
But lettin em have something to show for it before they say anything is the move here imo.

Tatatakannanatatata whatever its called will get revealed when they are ready.
we will have answers for CA’s engine to tide us over at some point.
And infinites successor needs to come out swinging with a reveal that is real and real impressive not another engine reveal followed by a long hiatus of new info.


I assume you are talking about… “the engine switch” (music intensifies).

I don’t believe they will say anything. All these rumors are about games that haven’t even been officially announced. Their not going to say “You know that game that may or may not exist? Let’s say hypothetically it is being worked on, and if it were then we can confirm that it is being built using (insert engine here).”

I’m not expecting anything until an announcement trailer comes sometime, the earliest being E3 next year. We all just need to chill.


Halo and it’s future switching doesn’t necessarily mean Infinite. The engine shift would concern me prior to Infinite, but Infinite doesn’t “feel” like the other Halo titles anyhow so I’m for a new shot at it.


Good luck with getting them talking. If the rumors are to be believed, they have only begun tinkering with UE5 in the last few weeks to a month. I’m sure they are no where near ready to talk about anything related to an something that major without concrete plans of how they will proceed.
I’d say either strap yourself in or walk away, because you aren’t getting any answers in the near future.

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This is also a good point. I don’t think there is any chance they will make changes to Infinite. It would most likely be on Tatanka and forward…IF they change.


343’s general approach has been to let the rumor mill dictate the flow of news. I can’t think of a single announcement from them that wasn’t already data mined or leaked. Bandit rifle, Free to play, and Forge all leaked much earlier than 343 announcements.


Agreed. I think a policy of not responding to rumors is highly ineffective. Rumors will become more popular, and the people who gain from rumors by getting clicks and views, will continue to get more clicks and views until the rumors are dispelled.

I would also like to see some accountability. I’m sure many of those remaining at 343 are thinking “well it’s not my fault, so and so did this before I arrived.”

I know it will NEVER happen, but it would be nice for Microsoft to come out and say "dang, we handled this poorly. We think X went well but Y wasn’t as good as it could have been.

I don’t think I understand the technology well enough to know if a new engine is a good idea or not, but I can’t help but feel that campaign players are gonna get the short end of the stick. Things are falling apart and lots of multiplayer features are being demanded and prioritized, and it feels like this campaign, which, dare I say, with a little spit and shine, could be on-par with Halo 3 or Reach, will be dropped entirely, and something new will come along, in way more time than is reasonable.

If they switch engines, I would guess that the Infinite campaign would be dropped and something new would come along and continue where it left off. What bothers me is that when Infinite took 6 years, we were told that was because it was a new beginning, the start of a new era of Halo that (I assumed) would include campaign content more frequently added than it was in the past (the 3 year Bungie cycle.)

It would be a lot for them to now ask campaign players to wait another 4 years for a NEW fresh start.

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You say that like it is a bad thing and 343 will want to stop people from talking about Halo. Lol

Seriously? I must be misunderstanding you, there is no way you are suggesting that not responding to rumors is reason enough to boycott a game.

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The gist that I got from OP was that developer/player communication is bad based on:

It’s less about rumor speculation and more about how this forum has been a toxic sludge pit for a year now and there’s no end in sight.


“coming out of the cocoon” lol

Pretty sure that 343 would rather sell Halo than pay for the Unreal Engine. If we’ve learned anything from 343’s behavior 2012-, their main focus is money. If they can keep their “four-year-old $50 on the shop a week” fan-base with the seriously botched Slipspace engine, they’ll do it. They don’t need Unreal to keep those guys.

It’s just absolute agony at every turn, it’s driving my viking a** crazy!

I’ve said it before, I’ll sasy it again, I really don’t think Microsoft gets enough flak for being greedy money grubbers.


I am surprised we haven’t gotten any official word yet.

After someone pointed it out in other comments I went back and rewatched the forge lighting showcase.

They were definitely making sure to emphasize that amazing forge features were dependent on Slipspace (sometimes just saying the “engine” and not necessarily naming it).

After sleeping on it a couple nights, I hope 343 decides to save Slipspace

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I do too. It just seems a bit… ridiculous to throw it out.

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Where are these rumours coming from anyway?

Honestly, I don’t care what engine they use going forward. I’m just a simple man that likes to relax and play video games. Just make a good ol’ fun game. If that can happen better with UE then so be it.

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343i already pays for the unreal engine…that is to say Microsoft pays a license fee for UE5 for halo as we speak…right now…like literally now.
Halo MCC uses UE5 to run its menu system, so its not accurate to say that they don’t want to pay the license fee for halo when they already pay a license fee for halo

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I suspect we won’t get offical word until we see the Tatanka reveal
When tatanka is revealed, if that sub game is running on UE5, thats when we will know that -Yoink!-/343i made the switch
Becase if tatanka -has- been moved to UE5, all of furture halo will also move over.
“But But Morningstar, its going to take forever to intigrate you can’t just swap dev tools in and out of engines it’s not that simple”
…Correct, I agree, which is why I suspect thats precisesly what Certain Affinity is doing right now

Infinite will not switch engines Infinite is on and will always be on Slipspace

Future halo titles will more than likely be on UE5