Timer and Achievements Tabs Missing in Service Record

I don’t know if this was an intentional edit with this new Website for Halo Waypoint, but what happened with the Service Records?

Not only are there missing Stats for older Halo games, but also the Achievements area for each game and the Timers for each Campaign Mission in Halo MCC is gone.

Is this something 343i will add into this new website later? or did they just remove it because it was ¨Too Much Work¨?

Miss checking my stats, legendary timers and Achievements from Halo MCC on this website.

Its not possible to check the indvidual PB of your Speedruns on each level in the Halo MCC game itself, you can just see in the ¨Stats¨ how long you took to beat the campaign in CE for example as a whole in the 4 different difficultys, doesn’t really help if I want to try to get Halo CE under 3 Hours Legendary and I don’t know which mission I need to shave of some minutes to get under 3 Hours.

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Noticed the same. This is a feature that is a must for achievement hunters!

Something else, I think that the highest difficulty completed -shields in Waypoint are missing LASO-completion that the old Waypoint had.