Timeout Ban Punishment For Game Crashes?

I’m probably not the first to post about this and definitely won’t be the last until it’s fixed, but why am I being banned from playing Ranked when the game crashes?

Surely one of the most competitive game franchises on the market can realise the importance of a reconnect button…

I’m sure this will be fixed but it’s incredibly frustrating, if it’s not someone rage quitting my game, it’s always gonna be a mid game crash ^.^

It seems a bit counter productive to ban people for just trying to play the game haha, this being a beta and all haha…

I really really want to enjoy this game, everything about it is solid… except this one thing…

Rant over… lol


A rejoin button should’ve been added in Halo 5, I can only hope they add it in Infinite, it’s a long overdue feature.

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