Timed weekly challenges are awfuly designed

A couiple of days ago I finally managed to get my last weekly challenges for this week item. All i have to do was:

  • Win ranked
  • Kill an enemy CTF carrier
  • Play Stronhold
  • Win 3 matches of BTB battery mode (whatever it is called)

on TWO DAYS I only get 2 games that were useful for me to complete these challenges: stronghold and CTF. How am i supposed to even have a chance of complete the weekly challenges if i dont even have the chance to play the modes?

Maybe… just maybe if I can just filter the gamemodes i want to play. There is another FPS called something MCC (masterchef collection or mister chief cars, cant remember) that had an awesome matchmaking gamemode filter. 343 should ask the guys who develop that game to help them implement that in Halo Infinite.

… unless they have perverse incentives to not do that. mmmmmm…

I just give up, im never gonna get the weekly challenges (the ones i got today are not even that hard. I just never got the correct gamemodes) unless I abandon everything else i want to do in my life to only play Halo.