Time to wake up from Cryosleep and let the new mission begin!

Yes indeed things are different from wakingup from my very long cryosleep. Just installed the Beta today. The ranking / pay-to-play has all changed. So thus we’re beginning this new page of Halo. So, Infinite will be it in the Campaign mode. Then that sounds like a lot of “episodes” upcoming being released maybe every year to two years is my guess. That would make sense since Infinite will be it for the next 10 years…I’m all ready for the twists and turns multiplayer will take next. But I ain’t spending a dime until my current “free play” runs out…guessing on May 2nd, 2022. At that time I’m guessing I’ll be forced to pay to play?? That’s when my Battle Pass runs out. That should be interesting. My question What’s the ranking system? I was a SR 152 in Halo5, but guessing it’s all different now?? Off to Spartan training for now…Good Luck out there in this new Chapter…

Welcome back to halo (I think?)

RE the ranking system. The ranking system is currently challenge based with a small amount of XP awarded upon completion of a match. (50xp). Completing weekly challenges will award you a greater amount of XP depending on the difficulty (200xp, 250xp and 300xp).

There 1000xp gaps between levels, so at your basic rate you’ll ‘rank up’ every 20 games without completing any challenges.

However it’s worth saying now, there is no actual rank system. You progress through the battlepass, if you buy the premium pass you’ll unlock rewards every time you level up, if you do not, you’re restricted to free rewards that are few and far between.

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