Time to take a break from Halo 5.

It’s time to take a break from Halo. I’ve been very patient with 343 but the lack of game modes have made the game stale. I can’t comprehend how could they leave out so many classic game modes like griffball, infection, king of the hill, headhunter etc etc. Most of these modes should had been in the game at launch or at least implemented on a DLC around this time.
Instead 343 gives us an update that now they’re experimenting on future game modes and that’s just unacceptable. If 343 was running out of time they should had scrapped breakout and replace it with original game maps for BTB and shipped the game with some classic game modes.
With that said I think it’s time to get a new game. I’m open to suggestions but I’m leaning towards fallout 4. I’ll see you guys hopefully when they have more game modes and maps. Stay motivated and remain Semper Fidelis.

Semper Paratus