Time to kill far too long

Weapon damage in Halo has needed to be higher for every 343 game. Infinite is advertised as the spiritual successor of Halo CE, and yet it plays like it’s apex legends, why so much spartan health? Im not saying every weapon needs to be the H4 binary rifle. What I am saying is why should the BR be a pickup item if it’s hardly better than the AR. It could be that the damage is fine and what really needs to happen is the death of bloom in halo (something people have been wanting gone since reach). Either way, the ttk feels far too high, is this Halo or Cod?


Doesn’t… doesn’t Call of Duty have a very low TTK?


The time to kill is perfectly fine. We don’t want the twitch instant kill style of CoD or BF thank you. Halo has always been a longer TTK and it creates interesting engagements, respond to attaker and also enables players to choose to back out if need be.

If there was anything i don’t want changed about the MP, it’s the average TTK.


No, if anything it’s too short. I don’t know what BS this is, but the TTK does not need to be lowered haha


BR is pick up because it is better at longer ranges. Most are glad the AR is not a throw away weapon anymore. Although many claim it to be overpowered, and it may well be, but a lot of that is likely due to everyone being use to the AR being literal garbage.

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I had around 1k hours in COD MW 2019.
TTK is perfectly fine Halo as it has different playstly and I love it.

No changes needed at all :slight_smile:


The TTK with the BR is the same as in Halo 3 with headshots and faster with body shots. The TTK is perfectly fine. That’s one of the few things not wrong with the game.

I think so too. I’m not sure what it is, but the weapons feel so weak in comparison to other Halo titles. In my opinion.

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low TTK sucks as you spend more time respawning then actually playing. higher TTK creates a more even playing field and gives everyone a chance to get the frag.

I think ttk is completely fine for halo

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I can not share that opinion. As an example, the TTK of the BR is a little bit shorter than H3 but longer than H5.

In general the TTK feels really short because everybody starts with the AR (in social) wich shoots really fast and deal a lot of damage (it even has Headshot multiplier).

It’s good how it is now, so i believe (i have to play more for a proper conclusion)

Can’t disagree more - the TTK is, if anything, rather too low than too high. This isn’t COD, PUBG, Fortnite or any of that - it is Halo. And Halo was always about the duel or “Battle dance” that made your skill requirements more than just super fast reaction + aim. It was a well balanced mix of reaction + aim + movement. Making the TTK even faster would completely destroy exactly that core feeling of Halo.

I also don’t think that the TTK in general is the issue - it is more the “inbalance” of it for different weapons, combined with strange behaviours in terms of range for different weapons. The AR for e.g. needs to be nerfed A LOT on distance. It is an assault rifle in the end and shouldn’t be able to outplay a BR on mid to long range easily as it does right now.

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if you want low ttk you can go play cod.

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Halo is about fair starts across the board. Not just weapon spawns and abilities. Fair starts apply to TTK as well. Unlike other shooters. The initial shot(s) is to initiate combat. A player hits target but the other player has time to react and a more skill based battle ensues. Not a battle where the victor is the one who shot first. Due to the TTK other factors like grenades and Melee get to shine In this game which is more or less an after thought in other shooters. Halos combat and movement/momentum mechanics are dependent on its clever balance of player health and TTK which is one of the few things that have never changed since the original 20 years ago

Are you high? have you played a match of warzone ever?

Except it has changed, if you want to talk about halo from 20 years ago, Low movement speed, hugely varied weapon damage, and vehicle aplenty. Compare that to this new game, people side step like they are on crack, 0 bullet magnetization, almost no vehicles (when they do show up they announce themselves and they almost never leave the drop zone), and there is almost no performance change from starting AR to a commando or BR (and everything else performs worse overall).

No, and no. But everything I’ve ever heard about Call of Duty’s time to kill is that it’s very low compared to games like Halo. Warzone may be different, being a battle royale.

TTK is too low imo. Feels the same as 5 but without a way to escape if caught off guard

Assault Rifle feel somewhat OP at the moment. It’s super annoying getting mowed down mid-ranged with an AR. Like I still lose skirmished while using a Magnum and that’s weird… Additionally, the game feels still kinda sluggish/linear/blockish like the beta. I’m used to smooth camera movement like Halo 3.

Is this post some kind of trolling? This isn’t COD please accept that and enjoy the game or move on.

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