Time to get ready.

Hey guys,

Looking for a team of 4 - 8 players including myself to jump on various Halo games over the upcoming months to get ready for Halo 4. (Team will included 6 other players as a friend and I will obviously be on the team)

I will be attending the midnight launch of Halo 4 and would like to play with this team right away. Trying all game modes and see what best suits us as a team.

At a later date just after the release of Halo 4 i would like to start using my PVR again and get some videos for YouTube.

If more people are interested then great maybe we could start a huge clan?

All replies welcome!

GT: Graphic Ninja x (please contact me but i do prefer replies to the forum)

I’ll think about it . Just want to know if there’s any age restrictions or if I’ll have to change my GT or anything

Anyone mature and above 15 I’d say, not GT changes needed.