Time to buy this game used...

Yep, buying the game used, 343i, you will not be earning a profit off me this time around. Why? because you left out the one thing I was hoping to get with Halo 4. A legitimate syste. I can’t say I didn’t see this coming. It’s obvious that you were going to scrub the ranking system so as to maximize your profits in the first quarter of game sales. I guarantee this game is going to lose a lot of players who falsely bought the game off of hopes and dreams that there will be a way to show how they stack up against other people.

Give me a break. I bought every game brand new on the release date from Halo CE. What do I get for it? A dumb-downed version of call of duty where noobs take over the playlists and show how incompetent they can be at video games. Thanks a lot 343i. You failed. I’m going to play starcraft 2 now. Bye.


Not a lot of discussion to be had here.

I’m puzzled. If you BUY the game, that means that you like it right? Doesn’t matter if you buy it used or not.

Here’s an example

Me: Hey, want to buy my book, 12 bucks?
Buyer: Yea, I’ll buy it.
You: I don’t like that guy, so I’m not buying from him. Can I buy it from you?
Buyer: Yea, $12 bucks
Me: Thanks Buyer, hope to see you again soon.

Doesn’t matter if you buy from them or not, they still made a profit off of someone else.