Time to Add playable Elites

Halo Reach, 2, 3 had playable elites and it was still a Spartan Story. But it’s been long overdue for years now and at this point I feel they should return in Infinite. To be honest, I see no excuse to have them excluded from a story aside from just having them as enemies to shoot at. Are we forgetting that most Elites are allied to humanity through the Arbiter and the Swords of Sangheilios? Seeing the campaign from the recent Xbox Showcase, humanity could use some assistance with taking the Banished.They are long overdue and having them playable IS player expression. What if the player doesn’t want to be part of the Spartan Story and instead wants to be an Elite? Since these Elites look better than the ones from Halo 4-5, it will be a missed opportunity to bring in more players to Halo that liked playing as our alien friends from Reach, 2, and 3. The one thing that would benefit 343 is getting more players by adding them in. I see no excuse excluding out of Infinite. Possibly in Season 2 or 3 they could be added in. As long they get the same love and treatment the Spartans are getting.

Any thoughts? And if 343 sees this, it will essentially bring in more players to Infinite.

I’d love for them to bring back playable elites.

Feel free to use this existing thread for this: