Time for Noble and Defiant comeback!

Well, with the release of the new “Squad DLC” Im pretty sure you still need ALL the DLC to play it… and my question is, when will 343 ever have the idea of bringing back what once worked and had a lot of people? Im talking about Noble map pack and Defiant map pack playlist’s, since you only needed one only map pack to play it (no need for anniversary, since we got a bunch of those up there). Maybe lets try re-mixing things, like making Defiant 7v7 players, adding TU gametypes to both of them (equal appearances to the normal maybe?) increasing the appearance of Uplink in Defiant (was one of the main problems back there) and for Noble, hell, that was like the perfect playlist ever… Well, when? when will 343 stop strugling trying to make all of us buy all the DLC to play a little with them? when will the users of only 1 map pack get to play what they want, which would be their maps?

That would be cool, it had been around for ahwile and still had decent numbers as compared to other playlist that were allowed to continue to exsist and the people that played DLC, paid extra cash to do so. I will not be able to purchase Anniv DLC so unfortunatly the new playlist didnt help me out much =(.

But I got the LD maps for free, so I will be OK =)

If the maximum number of playlists has already been reached in this update, then I’m not sure if the numbers would justify having a Noble-only playlist and a Defiant-only playlist at the cost of culling an existing one.

My suggestion would be to keep Noble and Defiant required for DLC Squad, and make Anniversary optional, not required. This is because there are currently four playlists on which you can get your Anniversary fix (Anniversary Classic/Squad/FFA/BTB).

The main thing we should ALL be focusing on here is that for some odd reason, 343 decided to introduce new DEFIANT map achievements in Reach with purchase of the ANNIVERSARY map pack. Nice one Microsoft! I applaud your petty attempts to make a few bucks off the Defiant maps before Reach’s quiet feeding-tube removal death in september. This is why there just needs to be more “All DLC required” playlists in Reach for remaining 8 months of Reach’s pathetic and miserable life, then Halo 4 comes out and we will be saved from this disaster.

There are still a few hours left in the work day to make this happen 343.

Thanks and have a great weekend.

I wholeheartedly support this idea. Difficult or time-consuming achievements don’t bother me, as long as I have the opportunity to earn them. Maybe this will be addressed in a future playlist update.