Time For A New Game

I’m Posting In Case Your Interested, And Its All Leading Up To A BIG HALO ANNIVERSARY Play Through.
I just did a great play though of Halo 3 & ODST on YouTube.
They’re Done, now It’s Time For Halo Reach :slight_smile:

Here’s The First Halo Reach Video:
Halo Reach - “Hello Reach Two And A Half Men”, Noble Actual & Winter Contingency P1 with APGaming

Also, Here’s the Last Halo 3 ODST Video:
Halo 3: ODST - “BF3 Beta & The End Of ODST”, Coastal Highway P2 with APGaming

Hope You Enjoy :slight_smile:

Modesty you lack, yoda disappointed he is.

Haha Why’s That?

Is this suppose to be a joke or something? I find it rather confusing…

Whats confusing? I finished one game im doing to celebrate Anniversary, now im up to my Reach playthrough. thought some people may enjoy it