Tilting Score Attack just a bit.

This isn’t a petition, it’s just if you want to see more weapons be used in Firefight, specifically Score Attack.
I hated the description for this skull. Never understood it so I didn’t know what it did until I started reading on up on Butterzz’s Campaign Commie boosting on B.net. Just for those that don’t know what Tilt is, it weakens human weapons, but at the cost boosts the power of Covenant weapons. It also means if you try DMR down a LASO Ultra Elite on CP/FF, it woud probably take 150 (that’s two full DMRs) bullets to knock it down, however if you used a Plasma Pistol/Rifle, the LASO Elites shields will go down in under 8 seconds followed up by a HS from a headshottable weapon. If we snuck in Tilt into some of the Score Attack playlists gametypes, it will probably make the weapon usage a bit more versatile, e.g.In x2 Score Attack, the Plasma Repeater, Plasma Rifle and Spiker would make the Assault Rifle inferior. Still powerful, but inferior, along with making Riflin’ Through a bit easier. Trigger Happy would be even easier due to the fact Plasma Pistol has way more ammo that it’s human bestie, plus it’s basically bottomless because of the fact every Grunt and it’s mum have a Plasma Pistol in their hands. How does it sound?

Your understanding of Tilt is a bit off - Tilt actually rebalances the damage tables with the following results:

Plasma becomes much more effective against shields (except Repeater) and much less effective against unshielded targets.

Ballistic weaponry (including Repeater) becomes much less effective against shields and a bit more against unshielded targets.

Grenades inflict less damage to the player (Plasma Grenade jumps become possible).

I don’t think that activating it in Score Attack would be a good idea because it would alter the way the weapon sandbox fundamentally balances against enemies in a way that a large majority of people are unlikely to understand or expect.

Thanks for the point out, tbh I was only saying what I observed about Tilt. But what about the Focus Rifle? Like, it’s a sniper, but it’s battery powered and like the Repeater it does more to unshielded targets than normal plasma.

Yeah, the Focus Rifle becomes more effective against shielded targets but doesn’t do much against health while Tilt is active.

It could be input into Boss waves, which is obviously Elites. A lot of people should remember making it to the last round with 10 full lives, get absolutely stomped by about 7-8 Generals that go ballistic with the Blueberries, Concussion Rifle and FRG, and come out with 2 lives. Though in x2, it would only take about 0.5-1% of a Focus Rifle blast to down a Specops Elites (the Camo Noobs) shields with Tilt up. I can only say it would be mad for Assists. in FF dubs.