Tier 1-3 Weapons & Vehicles (Predictions)

Warzone Weapons & Vehicle Predictions:

What kind of vehicles and weapons do you think there will be in warzone. We know there are tiers 1-3 in warzone for both categories so what could you imagine seeing? I’m very curious to see what kind of vehicles there will be. Like i know in the warzone video 343i made awhile ago in the sprint series mentioned legendary weapons and different versions of vehicles.

I would really love to see new vehicles that do some very interesting new ideas.

> - Tier 1 - Normal weapon/vehicle - Tier 2 - Slightly modified weapon/vehicle - Tier 3 - Legendary weapons and highly modified vehicles

What do you think they will make for weapons and vehicles? Is there a specific vehicle or weapon idea that you have in your head that you would like to see in warzone?

Chopper, Revenant, and the Spectre as tier 1 or 2 vehicles. Brute Shot for tier 2-3 weapons

The Halo 3 Banshee as a quicker and more agile version of the Halo 5 Banshee, but without an energy shield.

The old wraith. I know people really hate the new design so why not add the old one to make them stop complaining. As for weapons, the old plasma rifle and the Fist of Rukt as a legendary gravity hammer. Maybe the plasma launcher from Reach would be cool.

I think that the Gauss Hog should be the legendary warthog.

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> I think that the Gauss Hog should be the legendary warthog.

Considering the fact it shoots an incredibly fast one-hit-kill projectile, yeah, I agree.

I’m still hoping for a flamethrower hog with a flame decal skin to match.

They could bring back that triple rocket hog from Halo CE

I understand the modified weapons and vehicles cannot be used in Arena, but will they actually have different behaviors in Warzone?

For example, I heard there is an assault rifle with a light energy bayonet attached (one of the different pre-order bonuses but all of the are allegedly available via rec pack system).

Would this light energy bayonet be useable in a Warzone game? Has there been any footage of any of these modified weapons or vehicles in action someone could link?

Countdown is on and it is looking awesome!